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Halebeedu- Gem of Indian Architecture  Hoysaleshwara Temple:
The temple has got very good appearance. The Rashtrakutas built the big tank in front of the temple in the 9th Century. The town was named as Dwarasamudra. If one stands on the platform of the temple and sees around he will see the hills opposite and two big bulls facing the temple and Ganesha figure on the south. These attract the attention of even the children. The big temple consists of two temples, built inside. There are four doors in total.
The minute sculptural works in respect of Dwarapalakas, i.e., crow and ornament can never be seen anywhere else. The bracket figures, which were fixed to the roofing, have been stolen and only one remains as a token. The figures carved in this temple are bigger than those of Belur, and some of the figures are carved on both sides of the stone. Those who visit Belur temple will visit Halebeedu temple also. The Capital of Hoysalas during the 12th and 13th centuries A. D. is now called as Halebeedu.


Hoysaleshwara Shiva'sTemple Halebid

Shiv Shilp

Damaru Shilp

Halebid Shilp

Hoysaleshwara Temple:
Ketumalla, the chief of staff of Vishnuvardhana, built this temple during 1121 A.D. Even then it is learnt that it took 105 years to complete. Even now there is some incomplete work. Both the temples are joined by one veranda from outer views. It looks like star just as Belur. The God on the northern side temple is called as Shanthaleshwara and that on southern side is called as Hoysaleshwara. These Shaiva Gods are in the shape of Linga, indication to small bull in front of these Gods big bull are kept in stone mantaps outside in front of each temple. They have been fully decorated by stone ornaments around their neck. Behind the bull in a mantap we can see big sized Suryanarayana standing with seven horses and Arundadeva. It is said that Ketumalla built these temples joined into one.

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