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Coastal Karnataka_4

Udupi : A pleasant pilgrimage town on the way down the coast, Udipi (or Udupi) is popular amongst Indian pilgrims for its Krishna Temple. It's nice enough to just sit around the temple area or near the temple pool and watch the world go by; waiting for some elephants to trundle past, watching people busy buying flowers for religious offering at the stalls lining the way up to the temple, or sitting in one of the numerous dhabas gobbling down one of the huge masala dosas - according to the Lonely Planet guidebook, masala dosas were invented in Udipi.

Krishna Math at Udipi

Ganesh Mandir at Udipi

Karve and Vashta at malpe beach Udipi

Boatng in Malpe beach Udupi

Malpe Beach, Udupi  At the mouth of the Malpe river, about 6 kms. from Udupi, is the natural harbour of Malpe, an important fishing centre that enriches Karnataka’s coastline with its fabulous beach. The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and the gentle murmur of the sea set the perfect mood for an idyllic holiday. Across the bay is the island of Darya Bahadurgarh.

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