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Khodala Deobandh

Ganesh in Deobandh Mandir

Deobandh Ganesh Mandir

Deobandh is a famous Lord Ganesh temple on an enchanting riverbank near the Wild Camp at Kherwadi, Khodala, Maharashtra Situated at the bottom of a valley; Deobandh gives breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. This popular spot is also ideal for picnics. Deobandh being just a little hamlet, visitors are most unlikely to end up in any kind of long ques unless ofcourse you are there on a special day devoted to Lord Ganesha, because Maharashtrians are staunch devotees of Lord Ganesha. Food and other facilities are village oriented and does not offer metropolitan comforts.

Khodala Water Fall

Khodala:Tucked away in the thickly wooded interiors of the Sahyadris, nature sings its own songs at Khodala. Khodala, MaharashtraIndia, is in the Thane District of Maharashtra, off Nasik. The mountainous terrain and the thickly forested locale put the visitor right on the lap of Mother Nature.  Khodala is an ideal trekking spot for a trekking of about 40 kms across the Sahyadris. Culture surrounding Khodala is also true rural Indian culture. One will not find too many top class restaurants or cinema halls around here. For those seeking a retreat from the hustle bustle of metropolitan life, Khodala offers the calm, serene surrounding in unison with its glorious greenery except for the occasional tourists waking up the otherwise sleepy atmosphere.  This is a typical Indian high range tourist spot at about 1800 ft above MSL. Tourists interested in the scenic splendour of Mother Nature, Water falls, river beds, Study of the nature, Tenting and camping would fit this location perfectly. Nearby forts and temples adequately cater to those looking for historical values. The pristine Devbandh waterfall lies nestled inside the Khodala Hills.

Joshi,Gadre,Kulkarni near Khodal Fall

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